April Anthony’s Story

Healthcare Services and Digital Health

“Is their operational experience an asset? Oh yes!”

“Gene Hill is someone who has been around the block, both running his own companies and as an investor. He was a tremendous help. The venture partners don’t try to manage the business. You get the sense they like what they’re doing – that helps you be very open about your challenges. I could trust that I could share my problems without the fear I would face a set of directives on how to solve them.”

– April Anthony, Homecare Homebase CEO

As the population ages and as healthcare costs rise, payers and providers seek alternatives for care delivery – for example, home care and home hospice. That’s the opportunity targeted by Homecare Homebase. The company provides best-in-class information technology support for homecare and home hospice providers, who are themselves under ferocious cost pressures.

The handheld solution developed by Homecare Homebase gives homecare field staff a cost-effective alternative to laptop-based offerings for data collection and data management. The company’s solution is the result of real-world experience – Homecare Homebase’s world class management team has an extensive homecare background. April Anthony, Founder & CEO, has over 25 years of experience as an innovator and entrepreneur in the home health care field, having founded and led three successful homecare-related companies over the course of her career. The industry has responded enthusiastically to the company’s solution, which is purpose-built, based on the team’s industry domain knowledge; Homecare Homebase has a 25 percent market share and is highly rated by research leader KLAS.

SV came to the table to help grow Homecare Homebase and guide the company to exit. Our own experience in homecare and home hospice investing made us an effective match for the company’s needs. SV Chairman Eugene Hill became an active board member – and oversaw an eightfold increase in EBITDA in just three years. The performance surge paid off. In 2013, Homecare Homebase was sold to the Hearst Corporation for $625 million. April Anthony continues to run the company as CEO of Hearst Health’s Homecare Homebase line of business.