Impact Medicine Fund

A precision medicine fund - SV’s first fund focused solely on biotech

The Impact Medicine Fund (IMF) mission is to turn scientific breakthroughs into successful biotech companies producing high impact precision medicine drugs for poorly treated diseases. Our portfolio investments have the potential to transform healthcare.

Precision medicine aims to deliver major, durable impact on drug safety and efficacy by providing patients with therapeutics targeted at their specific disease mechanisms with the ultimate intent to cure.

The IMF will exploit SV’s extensive in-house experience of company creation, focusing predominantly on early-stage biotechnology investments with investments in late preclinical and clinical stage companies representing a minority. As with SV’s predecessor funds, the IMF will maximize the fund’s potential to transform healthcare by working closely with its cutting-edge portfolio companies as trusted advisers and partners and by acting as entrepreneurs who can create and build breakthrough companies and treatments.

Via a strategic partnership in the IMF, SV Health Investors and Cancer Research UK, the world’s largest independent funder of cancer research, have strengthened their previous collaboration to accelerate the development of cancer medicines. SV’s priority access to Cancer Research UK’s world-leading research provides the opportunity to rapidly develop and scale innovative research into new drugs.

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