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Husseini Manji

Johnson & Johnson

Husseini Manji is the Global Therapeutic Area Head, Neuroscience at Johnson and Johnson (J&J) Pharmaceutical Research and Development. Dr. Manji leads a preclinical and clinical global team whose broad goal is to discover and develop new therapeutics for major neurologic, psychiatric, and pain-related diseases with a high unmet need for effective treatments.

Dr. Manji’s research has helped to conceptualize severe neuropsychiatric disorders as genetically influenced disorders of synaptic and neural plasticity, and led to the investigation of key novel therapeutics. The major focus of his research has been the investigation of disease- and treatment-induced changes in gene and protein networks that regulate synaptic and neural plasticity in brain and behavior disorders.

Before joining J&J, Dr. Manji was Chief, Laboratory of Molecular Pathophysiology & Experimental Therapeutics at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the largest program of its kind in the world.

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