Lucie Bruijn

Senior Advisor

Lucie brings over 25 years neuroscience expertise to the Dementia Discovery Fund.

In February 2019, Lucie joined the Dementia Discovery Fund, SV Health Investors team, as a Senior Advisor.

Prior experience

As Chief Scientist, Lucie Bruijn, PhD, MBA, created and lead a global translational research investment portfolio for The ALS Association trade marked as TREAT ALS™ (Translational Research Advancing Treatment for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Lucie created an innovative approach focusing on building strong lasting partnerships between investors, academia, industry and government, leveraging emerging and existing technologies. This lead to the development of the first antisense based treatment for neurological disorders and approval of a drug for spinal muscular atrophy. Lucie established an international multidisciplinary team of funding partners, researchers and institutions for the development of biomarkers and identification of novel genes associated with familial and sporadic ALS. Prior to joining The ALS Association, she directed a team of researchers in drug discovery for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) where she established transgenic mouse and rat models for neurodegeneration. These models were used to identify lead molecules in the Alzheimer’s Disease program. Lucie was involved in reviewing novel acquisitions within BMS including the establishment of a multi-year partnership with Lexicon Genetics. During her postdoctoral fellowship she developed and characterised one of the first mouse models of ALS (mice expressing the familial-linked SOD1 mutations) and was the first to publish that protein aggregation of SOD1 is a prominent feature in the model and one potential disease mechanism in human disease. These findings lead to the development of multiple therapeutic strategies focused on protein aggregation in ALS and related disorders.

Academic credentials

Bachelor of Pharmacy, Rhodes University, South Africa

MSC Biochemistry, Kings College, London, United Kingdom

PhD Neuroscience, Kings College, London, United Kingdom

Post-doctoral fellowship, Johns Hopkins University and UCSD, USA

MBA Imperial College, London, United Kingdom

Outside of SV

Lucie serves as advisor to several non-profit, biotech, industry and government partners providing expertise in neuroscience research.

Lucie is a ceramicist, enjoys theatre, travel, skiing and squash.

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