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Our mission is to create and invest in novel therapeutic and monitoring technologies that enable superior patient outcomes in lower cost settings and improve healthcare efficiency.

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The Medtech industry is in one of its most exciting times in history – we call this Convergence.

The convergence of advanced materials science, component miniaturization, sensors and software, telecommunications and new delivery models is creating the potential for new and disruptive solutions for many of the most significant and costly health challenges. The prospect of investing to transform the healthcare industry becomes the goal of the Medtech Convergence Fund.

The future of medtech resides in the shifts from intervention to prevention, invasive to non-invasive and hospitals to the home. We are focused on technologies that can expand patient access via telehealth or utilize monitoring technologies to otherwise extend more effective management of chronic disease to the least intensive setting and ultimately the home.

Our portfolio companies will help reduce the increasing burden on clinicians and drive down healthcare operating costs. As a leader in early-stage medical device innovation, we expect our entrepreneurs, our investments and our portfolio companies will define new therapies and create new care settings.

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Investment Strategy

Our fund strategy is focused on the increasing convergence of medical technology with software, telecommunications, and new service models to create solutions to some of the most significant health challenges.

  • Passionate TeamsInvest in passionate, skilled and patient-centric entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the healthcare problem they are solving. The experience and creativity of our management teams are paramount, and we prize multi-disciplinary teams with a solution-based mindset and capabilities.
  • Differentiated TechnologyFocus on early-stage, novel device and technology solutions that are differentiated in usability and outcomes with meaningful barriers to entry through IP, design, and clinical data.
  • Economic ImpactIn particular, we are focused on technologies that enable a shift in care to lower acuity and cost settings, that leverage data to improve treatment effectiveness and communications technologies that link the physician to the home as the most cost-effective setting.

Strategic LP

Teijin is a technology-driven global group offering advanced solutions in various areas including pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biomaterials. Teijin and its core healthcare business company, Teijin Pharma, strives to be the distinguished healthcare leader, integrating innovative solutions in pharmaceuticals and home healthcare with evolving its business to provide comprehensive healthcare services to enable people to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

A unique strategic partner to MCF

  • Shared vision of Medtech convergence.
  • Shared commitment to early stage innovation.
  • Unique insight about Japanese market opportunities for start-up companies.
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