DDF hosts Second Annual Forum to review progress in novel dementia therapeutics

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Dementia Discovery Fund Annual Forum reviews progress in discovery of novel dementia therapeutics

London, 10 October 2019 - The Dementia Discovery Fund (“DDF” or “the Fund”) yesterday welcomed more than 100 key stakeholders to its Annual Forum to discuss the opportunities and challenges surrounding the development of high-impact therapeutics for age-related dementias.

Established in 2015, DDF is the world’s only global venture capital fund dedicated to delivering both high-impact therapeutics for age-related dementias and financial returns by investing in, creating, and supporting innovative companies.

The Annual Forum, now in its second year and attended by representatives from innovative research companies, academia and the investment community, welcomed presentations from emerging companies who are supported by DDF investment and who are pursuing the development of highly promising and differentiated novel therapeutics and platforms in dementia. There are now 4 products in clinical testing from two of the companies.

Panel sessions also explored wider themes impacting the discovery and development of novel therapeutics including the design and funding of clinical trials and the use of behavioural phenotyping to determine progression and outcomes in dementia patients. The Forum also heard personal perspectives from a Champion for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Angus Grant, CEO of the Dementia Discovery Fund, said: “The insights and perspectives gained from this year’s Forum are vital as we continue to provide investment in, and support to, innovative companies pursuing cutting-edge therapeutic approaches to change the course of dementia. Hearing of the latest progress from world-leading clinicians and scientists, and of the human impact of dementia from those personally affected, only reaffirm the importance of this fund in accelerating new treatments to tackle what remains the one of the greatest global healthcare challenges of our time.

“The Dementia Discovery Fund has made significant progress this year strengthening and diversifying its portfolio of investments in novel dementia therapeutics. I am hopeful that as we continue our strategy of investing in cutting-edge therapeutic approaches, we can change the course of dementia.”

Since completing its fundraising in 2018, with £250 million ($350 million at the time of completion) raised from an influential group of strategic investors, the DDF has made significant progress building its portfolio of investments. To date, around £150m has been invested, committed and reserved by the Fund, with 17 companies and projects currently active in the portfolio.

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