Nordic named Best in KLAS for Overall IT Services, recognized for its industry-leading Advisory Services

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February 8, 2022

Fourth consecutive year with 90+ ratings across seven or more categories

MADISON, Wis., Feb. 8, 2022 – Nordic Consulting, a global health and technology consulting company, today announced that the company has achieved an industry-first being rated as Best in KLAS in four categories, Overall IT Services Firm, HIT Implementation Leadership (large), Revenue Cycle Optimization, and Technical Services (via S&P Consultants, a healthcare IT consultancy specializing in Cerner services and was recently acquired by Nordic), in the 2022 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report.

“The relationships we’ve built with our client partners mean everything to us and is our north star at Nordic,” said EVP of Global Sales Michelle Lichte. “To be able to continue serving those providing care in the face of an ongoing global pandemic was an honor and we are grateful to have been by their side to make the world a healthier place.”

Adding to its extraordinary feat, Nordic and its global companies achieved scores of more than 90 in six additional categories: Clinical Optimization, HIT Advisory, HIT Implementation Leadership (small), HIT Staffing, Partial IT Outsourcing, and ERP Implementation Leadership (via Bails, a Nordic Global Company). This is the fourth year in a row that Nordic is the only firm to achieve scores higher than 90 in seven or more categories.

“Nordic’s ability to bring world-class class solutions to its client partners during 2021 is a testament to our depth and breadth of expertise,” said CEO Jim Costanzo. “As the complexities that exist within healthcare only deepen, we must constantly evaluate the shifting market and evolve to ensure that we can continue to be a trusted partner while maintaining a laser-sharp focus upon the quality that our clients expect and need from us.”

Throughout Nordic’s 12 years of existence, it has continued to evolve and diversify its solutions to better serve the ever-changing needs of today’s healthcare ecosystem. Through organic growth and its recent acquisitions of industry high-performers Bails, Healthtech, S&P Consultants, and Tasman, Nordic has matured into a broad services consulting firm that partners with healthcare leaders around the world to help them navigate complexity and harness technology to create healthier systems, businesses, and people.

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