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Emily Gaudiano


Emily joined SV in May 2024 and is an Associate in the biotech team. She helps form and fund companies developing transformational new medicines.

Prior to joining SV, Emily was an Associate on the MPM BioImpact Investment Team. In this capacity, she was responsible for investment identification, due diligence, business development, and company creation activities. While at MPM BioImpact, Emily helped execute multiple investments across funding stages, including Deka Biosciences, where she served as Board Observer. Emily was also appointed as Impact Associate, where she oversaw the assessment of impact and ESG metrics for the firm’s designated Impact funds.

Emily earned her PhD in Dr. Arlene Sharpe's lab at Harvard Medical School, where she investigated the intracellular signalling mechanisms of coinhibitory receptors for rational therapeutic intervention in cancer. During her PhD, Emily co-authored multiple publications in various high-impact journals, patented her thesis work and served on the Leadership Team of the Harvard Biotech Club, where she developed hands-on workshops to help academics transition into industry careers.

Outside of SV, Emily enjoys making homemade pasta, relaxing on the beach, exploring new sites around the world and spending time with friends, family and her beloved pup.

Academic Credentials:

PhD in Chemical Biology (Immunology) from Harvard University. B.S (Hons) in Biochemistry from Boston College.

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