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Tim Harris

Venture Partner

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Tim Harris joined SV in 2016 and is currently an SV Venture Partner.

Tim is a science and business leader with over 42 years of experience guiding and leading laboratory work and scientists in a range of molecular research areas. He is a molecular biologist, biochemist and geneticist and is former EVP of Corporate Development at Repertoire Immune Medicines.

Before joining SV, Tim was EVP R&D at Bioverativ (now part of Sanofi-Genzyme) and the Senior Vice President for Precision Medicine at Biogen which followed his role as Senior Vice President of Translational Medicine also at Biogen. Until 2011, Tim was Chief Technology Officer and Director of the Advanced Technology Program at SAIC-Frederick, Inc. in Maryland, which operates the National Cancer Institute’s leading center for cancer and AIDS research (currently called Frederick National Laboratory, operated by Leidos Inc.)

Tim has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Novasite Pharmaceuticals and founded SGX Pharmaceuticals (formerly Structural Genomics) in 1999. Tim built SGX to more than 130 employees, raised $85M in capital, and generated more than $20M in revenue during six years as CEO before it was sold to Eli Lilly. Before founding SGX, Tim was Senior Vice President, Research and Development at Sequana/Axys. He began his scientific career working on animal viruses such as foot and mouth disease, and was one of the first molecular biologists at Celltech (now UCB Pharma) in the United Kingdom. He subsequently spent five years at Glaxo Group Research as Director of Biotechnology from 1989 to 1993.

Outside of SV, Tim currently holds a seat on the Board of Directors of Phenome TX in Edinburgh and is a visiting professor at Columbia University.

Academic Credentials
BSc, PhD, DSc – University of Birmingham England

Exited Investments (M&A, IPO & Recapitalization)

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