Houman Ashrafian

Venture Partner

Houman Ashrafian is a clinician scientist, entrepreneur and company builder with specific interests in immune-oncology, immunity, metabolism and genetics. He joined SV in 2016.

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Prior experience
Houman was VP and Head of Clinical Sciences at UCB until 2016. He co-founded Heart Metabolics in 2008 which successfully repositioned perhexiline, as a treatment for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and heart failure. Perhexiline is now in advanced clinical trials and has orphan drug designation. He is co-founder of the services company Cardiac Report and Cinpovium.

Academic credentials
BA (Triple 1st – Schulden Plate Prize Winner) in Medical Science Tripos (MVST) from the University of Cambridge; MRCP, London and BM BCh and DPhil from University of Oxford. Houman is a parallel entrepreneur and company builder, he is currently CEO of Ervaxx and Sitryx which are two companies he set up, funded by SV Health Investors.

Outside of SV
Houman remains Visiting Professor and Head of Experimental Therapeutics at the Radcliffe Department of Medicine, University of Oxford and Honorary Consultant Cardiologist. He is cofounder and Chairman of Weatherden, a boutique clinical development company. Houman has received dozens of awards and has been cited in over 70 publications.

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