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The Dementia Discovery Fund (DDF) is the world’s largest family of specialized venture capital funds that invests exclusively in companies developing or enabling novel therapeutics for dementia, managed by SV Health Investors. Dementias including Alzheimer’s Disease are arguably the largest unmet medical need with over 55m patients worldwide. With more than $500m raised for this strategy, and offices in London and Boston, DDF capitalizes on global investment opportunities to fulfill its dual mandate of delivering measurable impact and generating significant financial returns. Utilizing its network of venture partners, entrepreneurs, leading scientists, and strategic partners, DDF invests in and creates new biotech companies and provides thought leadership in the field.

DDF is enabled by its limited partners including major pharmaceutical companies (Biogen, Bristol Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly and Co., GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Otsuka (Astex), Pfizer and Takeda), along with AARP, Aegon, Bill Gates, British Patient Capital, NFL Players Association, Quest Diagnostics, UnitedHealth Group, and the non-profits Alzheimer’s Research UK and LifeArc.

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The DDF Investment Strategy

The DDF combines a sole focus on dementia with the rigor of for-profit venture capital investing. The dementia focus enables the fund to maintain its deep domain expertise in both innovative research and clinical development, apply learnings, and repeatedly engage the scientific and industrial community to refine its investment strategy over time. The fund invests in opportunities expected to have both a major impact on the field and patient care, and to deliver financial returns for our limited partners.

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The DDF Portfolio

The DDF invests in the most promising healthcare ventures led by remarkable and inspired management teams.

Members of the DDF team are actively involved in the development and/or growth of each portfolio company. We serve as active board members, collaborating with management teams to minimize risk and maximize the value of the business.

The DDF Investors

The Dementia Discovery Fund (DDF) is the world’s largest family of specialized venture capital funds enabled by its limited partners including:

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