Healthcare Services and Digital Health

Growth capital for industry leaders transforming healthcare

Healthcare services and digital health are transformational arenas. We pursue growth equity investments at the intersection of these two industry sectors by partnering with brilliant entrepreneurs and experienced operating executives.

We seek companies that innovate with vision and execute with conviction to solve the most pressing problems in our health care delivery system. We invest at the intersection of two segments – healthcare services and digital health solutions – with a highly flexible investment strategy tailored to the target company’s specific needs. We seek growth equity opportunities through a range of transaction structures, including minority investments, as well as recapitalizations and management buyouts that create a change in control. We are active investors and often lead financing rounds, yet we are equally comfortable as a collaborative member of a syndicate. Through our experience in services and digital health as operators and investors – and leveraging our relationships with the major users of services and HCIT in the biotech and device sectors – we work hard to add value as board members for our portfolio companies.

Our investment strategy is thesis-driven, grounded in our view of how the healthcare industry will evolve over the next five to ten years – what will change in the market, technologies, reimbursement and the regulatory environment. We frequently team with SV’s network of venture partners to help shape our investment themes, and to advance from thesis to strategy development, and from strategy to successful execution. We back experienced and entrepreneurial executives to create industry-leading‎ operating companies.

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